The Consequences of Hate

Dislike is a pretty powerful emotion. There are many reasons why this emotion might come up, like wanting to protect your self-esteem, or maybe you are placing blaming on someone for something. When we are experiencing negative emotions, we need to work to understand our reasons for feeling and thinking these things. It might seem easier to just reject the other person and fuel your own ego rather than working to understand a different perspective. Sometimes we become comfortable in our negative feelings because we are hiding fears that we don’t want to process. We all hold so many emotions; we are capable of controlling our thoughts and actions, but it takes some work. Sometimes we get our feelings hurt, or something unpleasant happens, but we can help what we think which ultimately leads to healthier emotions.

By staying filled with hate and fear, life becomes more difficult. The consequences from your unspoken words and passive actions cause the people around you to retaliate. Spreading hate might help you feel powerful—and maybe you will feel better, but only for a split second. When you start to create that kind of environment around your life all you will see are clouds of negativity, not love or kindness; there will be no kind of positive change that will occur in your life when you perpetuate negativity.

 So often, we don’t recognize that we are filled with hate but if we reflect on our actions we can learn a lot about ourselves. Don’t let hate consume you, decide to live a life filled with love and positivity.

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Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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