May Makeup

I am in love with this makeup look because it is subtle and has a style that is ready for spring. The double eyeliner gives the look a more elegant and fun style. Since the weather has been hot lately, no foundation was used, so the makeup feels weightless and your face will feel free. Instead of using foundation, we used Beauty Balm Perfecting Primer and Illuminating CC Cream (SPF 50) to achieve that soft flawless look. To achieve that radiant glow for spring we applied a 3D Face Powder highlight on the tip of the nose, cheek bones, and lightly on the edges of the brows. For the eyeliner, it is quite simple to do—just make sure you have some time to spare because it might take longer than expected. So, first make sure to add a light brown eyeshadow color in your crease to give you a more defined eye. Then, pick a color of your choice (we used a champagne color) and use that color just as you would style a winged eyeliner look (make sure it is thicker than usual). Once it settles into your skin, apply a black liner (easier with liquid). Make sure when you apply it, that the thickness is thinner than the first color you applied so you can achieve that double look. If you desire, add some false lashes to complete the style.

I hope you enjoy trying this makeup look and if you liked what you read please don’t hesitate to follow.

Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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