The Next Step

When we overcome obstacles, we feel relieved and we move on to the next thing. When we have overcome these hurdles, no matter how small, we don’t take the time to analyze them. What did we learn from the experience? Did we learn patience, kindness, or perseverance, whatever we learned, we can use these skills to help us become better people. If you just dismiss the idea and feel eased by the thought that your problem has passed, then each new problem that arises will just be seen as an inconvenience.

There is so much to learn from our own experiences and other people. The more we take the chance to process what we see and hear the better we will be able to direct our life to the future we envision for ourselves. Every time we overcome an obstacle we should take it in, feel accomplished, and move forward with the new knowledge we now have acquired. Therefore, it is so important to set goals for ourselves because they are what keep us on track and allow us to focus through any obstacles. We cannot accomplish goals with the same mentality we currently possess. It is important to keep educating ourselves in the way of our minds and emotions.

So, look forward to the new obstacles that present themselves into your life, because you don’t know what lesson is awaiting you.

Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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