Achieving Success

Last week’s post was about ambition. Ambition and success have a complicated relationship with each other. Defined by google, ambition is a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work. Achieving success can come in many different forms depending on the things for which you are striving. Combining ambition with your goals and plans will eventually lead you to your success.

Now, a key enemy of ambition is your comfort zone. Even though it will be challenging we must learn to conquer our fears. What this conquering will teach us is to keep challenging ourselves; once you conquer one comfort zone, there will be another around the corner. Although, if we get into the habit of improving ourselves and overcoming obstacles, we are then on the right path to our success. You are in control of where your life is headed.  Respect yourself enough to go after what you want and nothing will get in your way.

The difficulty about overcoming our comfort zones is that we are comfortable. We have mentally placed ourselves in a “safe place.” We must pay close attention to the details of our life. By doing so, what we may realize is that we have been too quick to set up these boundaries that keep us in our current surroundings.

Live your life without fear and there is always room for mistakes along the way.

Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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