Monthly Makeup

I am sure so many of us can relate to this scenario: taking a selfie with friends and not liking how you look in the photo. When we take a selfie or a photo with others we want to like how we look in it. If we don’t, the photo automatically gets deleted or we edit that photo like no tomorrow. For the most part we use photo editing tools to change the things we don’t like too much about ourselves. We want our face to look lighter, our lips and hair to look fuller, or a smaller waist– everyone has something different. I know from experience how tempting it is to want to change the photos and constantly retake photos until I am satisfied with the result. It’s a constant struggle because we want others to see this perfect side of us. The problem with this desire is that every day when we look in the mirror, our reflection shows our body type and features that can’t be changed like they can be changed in a photo. When we see our reflection, we need to be content and happy about what we see. If you don’t, there is no need to feel discouraged. Slowly start making changes to get the results you want. Let’s say, you want to have clear skin– you could find the right cleansing tools and vitamins to help you. Want to eat healthier?  A step in the right direction would be to limit yourself on how much salty and sweets snacks you buy per week and buy healthier options instead.

The two photos above are examples of photo editing. The one to the left is the original  and the one to the right has been edited. The one to the right has changed by adding color to her skin, darkening her hair and shadows and highlighting her lips and shirt. All these changes has changed the way you see the photo. The original photo is just as beautiful as the edited photo; the differences between them don’t change they way she will ultimately see herself everyday.

You don’t need to lean on photo editing to make you happy and accepted by others. Lean on yourself and make those choices that will help you look in the mirror with love and acceptance.

Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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