Should we give People our Benefit of the Doubt

When we don’t believe in ourselves, it is hard to see the good in others. The reason is that we become so focused on how we perceive ourselves that our perspective of the world becomes limited. Therefore, when we don’t feel good about who we are as individuals, we start to build up negativity that prevents us from seeing people genuinely. With all these unconstructive thoughts and emotions, we become blinded to who people are and what they have to offer. We put up this wall that keeps us from accepting people. When we look at the other people in our lives and we feel like they are more talented, accomplished, or upstanding we feel pretty low in comparison. What about when we see someone who is struggling or unhappy? Most of us feel a sense of sympathy, but if we reflect what we truly feel, we see that we are judging others. Whether those people are happy and doing well, or under stress, we are comparing ourselves to those people and searching for our own self-worth.

We may want people to trust and believe in us, so that means we need to also trust and believe in others, as well. Even if we don’t agree with what someone else is doing that does not give us a reason to reject that person. We don’t need to tolerate their actions, but we should accept them for who they are and where they are in their lives.

If we clear our mind of judgment, we may surprise ourselves and see the potential that every individual has—including ourselves.

Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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