What Does Confidence Look Like

When we see someone who has a sense of confidence we look at them with inquiry. We ask ourselves how are they so confident and beautiful? It seems like everything they do is with perfection: The way they walk, talk, dress, and even smile. I have definitely caught myself asking what is so different between us? I guess, I have felt pinches of envy, but I quickly learned a few things about gaining confidence. By watching my friends, family members, leaders, and even celebrities, I learned that  everyone shows their persona through their confidence—which means everyone is different. You just need to figure out what makes you feel self-confident.

When we look at someone and we secretly wish we had what they have that is normal to an extent. If we begin to fill ourselves with jealousy, all we are doing is lowering our own self-esteem. Instead of focusing on how we can improve and gain what we want, we are putting our energy into negativity. Tip number one, don’t dwell on what you don’t have.

Someone who is confident still has their own insecurities. Instead of hiding them, they embrace them. The features that make you feel different should be used to boost your confidence. Tip number two, push through your insecurities and smile because they are what make you unique. People will begin to see that you know how to embrace everything about you and that radiates confidence.

Tip number three, everybody has moments where they get shy, embarrassed, and timid. These are just moments. You can still be confident and become shy or embarrassed, these moments don’t define you. Being self-confident is a tool that you can use to elevate your self-esteem. We might not feel confident all the time, but if we begin to recognize the feelings that make us feel good about ourselves, we will be able to pick ourselves up and move forward.

Beauty begins within yourself and confidence shortly follows.

Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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