A Peek into the Future

We all have some control over our lives—with every choice our future is constantly changing. Just because we don’t have a sense of control in every area of our life does not mean we should fear what has yet to come. The moments when we lack control are when positivity becomes our greatest ally, and we push head on through all our self-doubt and negativity around us. The only person you can control is yourself. What other people say or do is out of your hands, but your response determines everything.

We always try to be one step ahead. We plan goals that need to happen, and through hard work and commitment, we succeed. Or, we end up discouraged because our goals did not become the reality we were seeking. Often, we allow these circumstances to hurt our vision and self-esteem. The importance of having goals and dreams is not to be discouraged when they don’t come true when you want them to, but to work toward them and grow along the way. Your dreams and goals will become a reality for you when you are ready and have worked hard for them. Goals give you purpose and excitement.

Even though you have an idea of what your future will look like, there is a certain excitement in knowing that you don’t know everything. The path you are marking for yourself will have bumps and sharp turns along the way. There will be moments of pure awe, moments of anger, and moments of sadness. There will be moments in your life you never saw coming and those are the moments to look forward to.

We all want to peek into the future, but sometimes it’s better not knowing. Give yourself the gift of patience and you will see your life changing the way it needs too.

Believe you can do anything you set your mind too!

Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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