Controlling Change

As women, we tend to remember everything quite well and we use it to our advantage. The reason we don’t forget things easily is because we are wired by emotion, more so than men. What ends up happening is we tend to connect everything to our emotions– Allowing us to remember even the smallest details about an event, conversation or even argument. Because we remember just about everything in detail, we like to have a sense of control, even if we don’t have it.

Even if we aren’t completely confident about the direction we want to go in we make many of our plans revolving around time. When do I want to get married? How many kids do I want? How long should I work before having kids? Do I even want kids? Do I even want to get married? How much time do I have before I need to decide? The list goes on.

The title, Controlling Change is a play on words. We always want to believe that we have control over situations, but change is something that constantly occurs. The only control we have is in what we think and do. Out of experience I was once proud of how well my memory worked and being able to use my wired mind to prove myself right in just about any situation. That was my way of trying to find control and at the end of it all it didn’t work out the way I planned. At one point, I feared the uncontrollable. I needed everything to be working the way I thought I needed it to. What I learned is to enjoy the things that tend not to go your way. There is always something to learn from a situation or person. So, when you feel like things are just not going your way, try to see what is occurring in your life through a different perspective. Try to let your wired brain take a break from trying to control the uncontrollable.

Have faith in yourself

Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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