Protecting Your Confidence

We all should be more aware of what and who we are listening too. It’s important to learn how to be your own person, to make your own decisions, and follow what you believe in. Keep in mind the people who could be influencing you are also being influenced by others. There are always going to be people who agree or disagree with you. So, be happy with the choices you make and you will have a barrier of confidence protecting you from any unwanted opinions floating around you.

Based on each of our upbringings we are drawn to certain interests. Our likes and dislikes are a part of us and they are what bring new friends and acquaintances into our lives. Because of my personality growing up, my parents often made a point to explain to me the importance of being my own person and doing only what I want to do—Not simply doing something because someone else wanted to. Friends and family members, especially, hold such special places within our lives. They are people that can’t be replaced and have taught us the most important values that we hold; but, even if it’s someone who is close to us, it is important for us to differentiate what we truly want from the wants of others. We need to trust what we have learned from the people who surround us and make decisions that will boost our confidence and make us happy. A key to gaining confidence is by doing the things that make us happy and proud of ourselves. If we allow others to constantly make decisions for us our self-esteem will lower. The reason for that is because we will be doing things that others want to do. We are not taking the time to think about what we really desire.

Believe in yourself so much that you recognize the strength you hold to be your own person. Only allow the good influencers in your life to hold any power in your life.

Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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