What’s Eating at You

True confidence is hard to come by these days. With so much pressure from school, work, family, friends, and even ourselves, we learn to take up a persona to hide our anxieties and fears. Gaining confidence does not happen overnight. It takes work and time to reach the point where you feel good about yourself and you naturally carry that confidence with you. There are small changes you can be doing to feel happy about who you are.

There are always going to be things we don’t like about our bodies. We just happen to be wired that way—But that does not mean we can’t learn to appreciate our bodies and learn to stop comparing ourselves to other women. Whenever you catch yourself thinking, I don’t like my… [chunky legs], quickly revise what you just told yourself. Instead you say, I love my….[chunky legs!]. This may seem like a daunting process, but what this is doing is training your brain to think in a positive way about yourself. And you can apply this practice in anything. I wish I was more…[successful]. Instead you say, I will work towards becoming more successful! It’s small changes like these that will make a big difference in your life.

Our body language speaks loudly for us. Without anyone even speaking to you, people already make up an idea of who you are as a person. Often, we don’t pay attention to the way we walk, sit, or stand. So, what we can do to feel more aware about ourselves and our surroundings? Take a break from what we are doing and take a deep breath. This elevates our chest and we become aware of our bodies; we are training our bodies to carry ourselves in a confident manner.

Lastly, our eating habits. What we eat is important. If we are constantly eating fatty foods—not only does our bodies begin to see the effects, but so do our faces and our energy levels. We all know that one person who is skinny and eats everything! But, before you start comparing yourself to them, think about their metabolism and genetics. You must keep in mind that everyone is different. Someone can be thin and still be unhealthy. My point is for you to focus on yourself. What are you eating? How do you feel about what you eat? After you eat a giant burger do you feel slouchy, tired, maybe even bloated? If you do, then what you are feeding yourself takes a big part in your self-esteem levels. Eat what makes you feel good about yourself and you will not only start to see changes in your body but your mindset about yourself and the way you eat.

Don’t strive to be perfect for everyone else, strive to be the perfect version for yourself.

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Love Evelyn    

Edited by Samantha McDonald   

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