Thankful For…

I want you to think about the people who are important to you—The people who you can’t go a day without thinking about. The ones you talk to every week and even see every day. Some of these people may be family and others may be close friends. Either way, they leave impacts in your life. You create memories with them that will last a life time. With Thanksgiving being today, I want to focus on the role that family and friends play in our lives.

Family and close friends can often be the cause of heartache and confusion. Even when family mean the best— they still have their own thoughts and persona— and if their opinions are negative, we are more prone to absorbing that energy. When there are misunderstandings or arguments, most often these negative emotions impact our feelings. Especially when these are people who we care for deeply, we feel hurt and disappointed when trust or expectations are broken.

 We are most vulnerable when it comes to the people we love. But, we also learn to accept without boundaries and keep giving second chances. Your family consists of the people you grew up with, the people who make you laugh and cry. The people who challenge you and help you grow. And even if you do grow apart, they are the people you never forget. Family can be more than just blood relation, there can be bonds between people that are irreplaceable.

Family and close friends have a bond that can never be broken. My advice is to keep your heart open and see who else comes into your life that they one day might even be considered family.

Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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