Fighting your Battles

From the moment we wake up we begin making choices based on how we think other people will see us. Whether people will think we look fat wearing this outfit or did we apply too much makeup? Sometimes, some situations come up where we need to make decisions that aren’t as easy to make—Especially if the decision involves other people. We start to allow other people and society run our thoughts and emotions. Instead of learning to be ourselves and loving who we are, we have made the decision to focus on the outside world instead of what we are truly feeling.

As women, we are constantly questioning ourselves. Have you ever dwelled on your thought process? What do you tell yourself every day, is it more positive or negative? Are you more focused internally or externally? What kind of internal battles are you facing?

By gaining the courage to stop listening to the outside world we find what we thought we wanted wasn’t what we truly needed. Learning to listen to our wants and needs, we find the person we want to be. So often our internal battles are tiring because we keep fighting the person we are meant to be. We keep telling ourselves to look and act a certain way, to fit in and we will be accepted by everyone. As cruel as it sounds, not everyone is going to accept you, and that’s okay because we are all different. If you accept yourself the right people will come into your life and love you for the person you are.

Don’t give up on yourself because we need the person who you are working to become!

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Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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