The Basics


What do men want in a woman? This question is what we often find ourselves asking as we try to find qualities that we think other men would be interested in. The desire to be loved is human nature. We all crave to be wanted. When you enter a relationship both of you bring all your past experiences, your personality and emotions into it. So, the most important thing you can do is love yourself and see the value you hold as an individual. This mindset helps reassure the confidence in yourself, that you are wanted because you want yourself.

I am going to write some qualities that men tend to look for in a woman and I want you to see if there are any similarities.

Men tend to want someone who can communicate clearly with them, without being judgmental or critical. They don’t want to play games and be manipulated. When we clearly tell them what is bothering us, or what we want, they take it heart.

Men also look for a woman who is confident, emotionally secure, and mature. Now this may seem like a lot, but it means that in a relationship we treat each other as equals and work through problems together. In a male’s point of view it means that we don’t poke and probe at every small detail. We learn to ask and not assume the worst.

Lastly, men like to feel appreciated. They look to us for our opinions and support. If we can acknowledge them, not just as our boyfriend or husband, but as an individual, they feel a sense of trust.

If you notice anything from this list, it’s that these are surprisingly close to what we look for in a partner, as well. Men and woman aren’t as different as we thought.

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Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald–Photographer Eric Ramos

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