An Understanding

As you have read in previous post I am a huge advocate for self-reflection. The reason for my advocacy is if we all strive to be better people, with honorable values, the world will start to change for the better. The choices that you would make would only benefit yourself but the people around you as well. I know we aren’t perfect, we are always going to be making mistakes along the way, but if we were able to look at others in a more positive light, we would be able to push back our own fears and make differences in the lives of those around us.

Males and females alike are complex. It’s a stereotype that we have created when we say men are simple creatures—Just give them food and they are great! I want to propose something different. Men aren’t simple, just like women aren’t either. Men are human beings; we all have different thoughts, emotions and experiences that make us, well, us! We are all in this world together. Just because we are two different genders does not mean we don’t experience similar life lessons. Whether we are men or women, we have the potential to succeed in life and gain the values we are searching for. When we communicate with each other we should keep in mind that we all poses different souls, emotions, and experiences. Whether we are men or women we need to take care of each other as human beings in this world.  

It is important to see a positive light in everyone we encounter. Not for them but for ourselves.  

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Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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