The Power of Spirit

It may be common for us to forget that we live in world where we leave small impacts on the people around us. It’s as if we release small bursts of energy to the people we come across and sometimes we don’t realize what we are receiving or releasing. Nonetheless, we still feel that energy at the end of the day. Because of all the noise around us, especially the media, we begin to feel indifferent about ourselves and others. In a way, we begin to feel small—that what we have to offer the world won’t necessarily make a difference. We become comfortable and decide that no matter what we were to do we would just become lost with the rest of the noise.

I am here to tell you otherwise. Everything you do or say releases energy. Whether that energy is positive or negative it has to go somewhere. Even though it may seem like we are just one small person in this giant world, we are still capable of doing so much good or bad to ourselves, to the people close to us, and to the people who pass us day by day.

So, if you are seeing the world with an indifferent view, I ask you to find the people who are filled with positivity and learn from them. Don’t turn away from the people who have passion about life, because those are the people who can teach the greatest lessons. Find someone who brings you joy and watch them as they live their lives. You will truly grow into a better person by just knowing them. I genuinely want you to find your own confidence, decide what kind of legacy you want to leave in this world, and to be able to share that story with others

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 Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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