Sentiments of the Mind

No matter how strong we strive to be, someone will always try to bring you down; sometimes the people who are closest to us are the ones who have the power to hurt us most. You need to know that you also have the potential to affect the people around you and it is up to you to decide what you do with that power.

Often, when we know we have hurt someone, our instincts are to turn the other way or try to justify our actions. In these scenarios, not only did you wound the person near you, you are also wounding yourself. You will reinforce any negative feelings you experience in these situations by not allowing yourself the opportunity to fix the wrong you have committed against another.  For both of your emotional well-beings, it is important to sort through and resolve any of the negative vibes in your relationship, together. Unfortunately, some of us are experts in burying our feelings and leaving negative conflicts unresolved. A lot of the time we underestimate the danger in lying to ourselves about our true emotional states. We get so good at hiding our feelings, we don’t realize the damage created by the underlying battle of hiding how we truly feel; we hurt ourselves and the people around us when we strive to keep our emotions hidden to ourselves. This act of hiding can easily lead to low self-esteem and self-confidence— We are constantly using energy to try to hide behind a false persona, an ideal person, and it causes us to be vulnerable to other people’s energies.

At the end of the day it helps to have people around you that you can confide in and talk to about how you feel. Important to understand, though, is that it definitely helps to be honest with yourself. Let’s change the world by improving ourselves and helping others along the way.

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  Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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