Many of us live busy lives, especially women, as we learn to take on different roles. A part of us believe we are invincible to people and time—It’s almost like we have to trick our bodies and mind to thinking everything is alright. This thought process can become dangerous when we don’t allow ourselves the time to reflect and refocus ourselves. It is so important to let out the gunk that builds up inside our minds as we go through our day. Even though we will not meet everyone, consider how many people you still encounter each day. Every person has emotions, and as we encounter people every day, we will take on a lot of those emotions, second-hand.

With so many energies and vibrations around us, it is good to cleanse our minds often. Our emotional and mental selves depend on this daily cleansing routine. So, what are some steps we can take to de-clutter our brains? One, reading: I am here to tell you that reading, even just a few pages a day, can help you re-adjust and challenge your perspectives about life. With so many opinions circling the world, it is important for you to feel confident about your values and way of life. Two, listen to music: Search for something that allows your emotions and vibrations to flow. Instead of settling and accepting negative energy from others, music will help you create the energy you desire to have–You will be able to focus on rhythm instead of frustrations.

Keeping a tidy mindset will help you think straight and allow you to feel more secure about decisions that you will have to make. Protect your mind – as human beings, we are all similar, but there is no one who shares your unique mindset.

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Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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