YOU 101

When you have a relationship with someone you are responsible for how you make them feel, how your presence affects them; something important to realize is the fact that how you feel about yourself can be projected into your relationships. I bring this note up because so often we forget to look to the relationship that is most important! The one you hold with yourself. Believe it or not the feelings you hold about your body and your life play a big part in your way of thinking. The most powerful words are the ones you are telling yourself every day—Our worst enemies can be the voices in our own minds.

So, I have to ask you, what are you telling yourself day after day? What does your relationship with YOURSELF look like? Too often we hesitate from peeling back the layers of our own problems to find what is truly going on at the core of things. And I don’t think it’s because we are afraid to find something bad within ourselves, but because we will be left vulnerable. Especially for women, we tend to overthink everything and when we are put in a vulnerable position, we begin to feel alone. I want you to feel completely in tune with yourself and if that requires for you to feel vulnerable, then embrace the feeling! We must first learn to be there for ourselves before we can start being there for other people. Learn to be your own best friend first.

But do not misunderstand! I am not saying that you can’t be there for others. Through your journey of self-discovery, you will have a better understanding of what people are going through, a deeper sense of what they are feeling. I have to admit I have some work to do in this department as well. This month will be a journey we take together. Stay tuned as we learn how to be completely honest with ourselves and become our own best friends.

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Thank you,

Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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