Summer Makeup


Starting this month, we are going to make a transition from body image to the relationship you hold with yourself. In a way, we are going to focus on the inside rather than the outside. In honor of making this transition, I have come up with three questions for you to ask yourself. I had the liberty to ask different young women these same three questions to show you that you are not alone in the way you may see your body. I hope you enjoy reading the responses from all the beautiful women I spoke to

When summer comes around, do you ever feel pressured to “get fit”

Do you ever compare your body to other women you see?

When you look at your body how do you feel about yourself?

Out of all the beautiful young women I spoke to, many responded, “No” to feeling pressured. Many stated that they like to keep a healthly lifestyle all year round, not just when seasons change.

For this second question, many women said that they do compare their body to others. Even though they try to keep blinders on, it still seems difficult. Especially since they all feel like they have certain areas of their body they need to work on.

I was surprised to hear such positive feedback from this question, especially since we are surrounded by a world of insecurities. Even though most said they are happy with their body, every young women I spoke too felt that they have areas of their body that needs work. Which ties back to the second question, where many of the girls said, most of their insecurities come from comparing themselves to other women.

I hope this was helpful as you answer these questions on your own.


This week’s makeup looks are simple and bright! Now that it’s summer, I often feel like not wearing much makeup— the thought of the sun shining on my face and sweat spilling all over my makeup does not sit very well with me.

I have decided not to detail the makeup the way I have in past posts; I realized that you can create any look using different shades of colors. Online you are able to find a variety of looks, and you can achieve a similar look using the colors you want and the techniques you are practicing from another. It doesn’t necessarily matter which color I am specifically using as long as you create the style you are looking for with the colors you want. Makeup is meant to be expressive and creative. You can learn from others, but make it your own.

If you have any questions about the makeup don’t hesitate to comment or email me.

Love Evelyn

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Edited by Samantha McDonald–Photographer Megan Rose

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