We come in all shapes & sizes

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Many times a day we look at our bodies and just see the worst! In the past few posts I’ve written about keeping your body, and the way you view it, healthy. This time, I want to focus on the people around you. Since we are so quick to judge our own appearance, we subconsciously jump for the chance to critique others. It’s human nature to compare and contrast, but the moment you start criticizing or wishing for the style or body of another person is when this act of comparison can become harmful to your positive thinking; you slowly start to be ashamed or even embarrassed of yourself! By wishing you looked more like someone else you have begun to switch from a positive mindset to a negative one– You are trying to make room for someone who is not you when you think these negative thoughts.
We need to learn to say, “NO!” No to thoughts of body shaming towards ourselves and others. Unfortunately, body shaming is real and very hurtful. If you wouldn’t wish such shame on someone you love, don’t wish this shame on yourself.
It all starts with you!
You are gorgeous and Unique. Wouldn’t trade you for anything!
Love Evelyn
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Thank you
Edited by Samantha McDonald

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I have a passion for writing & reading. I love me a good cup of coffee. I'm a mommy to my pup pup, Rocky & we live in San Diego. I love to travel & shop. Creating a positive attitude is very important to me because I used to be a very negative person & whenever something didn't go my way I would lash out to the people around me. So, these posts are filled with tips, steps and stories about how I made these changes and so can you.

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