Sweat it out!

There is noise everywhere concerning the “perfect body,” and ways to achieve this goal. Society telling you about miracle fat loss programs, and that you will never be satisfied or happy with your body. There are questions you should ask yourself: are you healthy and happy? If your answer is yes, then keep doing what you are doing and find fun ways to improve. If your answer is no, then something has to change.
My advice to you: Just Sweat It Out! Work for both physical and mental improvement. What I mean by mental improvement is to detox your mind from any negative opinions, shame, or disappointment derived from the way you view your body. Start looking at your body in a different way. Instead of thinking about what you don’t like, think about what you do like about your body. It could be the smallest details. Maybe you like the way your waist looks in high-waisted jeans or how your legs look in skirts. Whatever the case may be, work hard to view yourself in a more positive way.
Next, Be Active! Be active in your own way, however that may look for you. Whether it is playing sports or going for a walk, do something that interests you. Put blinders on and don’t give in to whatever anybody else is doing. We all have different bodies, so go at your own pace.
Keep in mind that eating healthy is not about getting the “perfect” body, it’s about having a healthy body. The way your body looks is a small consequence of what you are feeding it. Other factors like genetics, pregnancy, age, mental and physical sicknesses come into play when you view your body. In a novel, “you’d be so pretty if…” by Dara Chadwick, she explains how your body gives you signs of what you have gone through or are going through. Sweat out those negative thoughts and you will be able to start making improvements in your life.
Love, Evelyn.
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Edited by Samantha McDonald–Photographer Megan Rose

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