Oh no, Summer!

I am sure many of us have felt the pressure to go with our friends to the beach or pool, and the thought of feeling uncomfortable is horrible. I know it can be hard to love your body just the way it is, especially in a society where expectations of how women should look are virtually unreachable, but you shouldn’t be afraid to show some skin and feel confident in your body right now.
We tend to have a habit to look at our bodies and just see our flaws. The flaws you see in the mirror are often not the things other people are paying attention to. What I would suggest is don’t be so hard on yourself–Everyone has flaws. So, the next time you see a cute bikini or outfit try it on, don’t just dismiss it. It’s surprising what you can feel confident wearing if you let yourself be open to trying new things. Eventually you will feel more comfortable in different types of clothing. Summer is meant to be fun, so no matter what your body type is, allow yourself to experiment. Don’t let something like Summer make you feel like you need to hide away. Every inch of you is beautiful and the sooner you accept that, the sooner you will be free from other’s opinions.
Enjoy your summer!
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Love Evelyn
Edited by Samantha McDonald–Photographer Megan Rose

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