Sunny Side Up Makeup

Today is the first Thursday of the month, which means another written makeup tutorial! Since it is summer and many of us are starting to feel the heat, I thought I would play around with some summer colors like yellow and pink!

 On social media you see how people criticize women for either wearing too much makeup or none at all. Do whatever makes you happy and feels right. People are always going to have their own opinions— What truly matters is what you are telling yourself daily. I simply want to share with you that no matter how much makeup you wear, you are beautiful. If you wear makeup to cover your beautiful features just know that you are just as gorgeous without. I know wearing makeup is tricky, especially in our society now, where everyone sees everything and insecurities are especially high. Please don’t use makeup to cover yourself up. By doing so, you are only depriving the world from your natural beauty.

Enjoy experimenting!

 Love Evelyn

Karla’s Makeup

For this look we applied Peachy Pink Signature Color Blush for some summer color and added Shimmer Loose highlight Powder on the nose and cheeks for a natural glow. For the eyes we used Café mélange eye shadow quad. Which you can guess is a mixture of browns. For the browns we used different colored hues to blend it into the crease. We mixed a light colored concealer with a bright yellow from Elevation multi-tier kit, to create a flawless bright longwearing yellow for the eyelids. You can pick any mixture of browns for the crease of the eyes as long as you build it up from light into the dark browns. Lastly, for the lips we used a simple light pink lipstick.

Edited by Samantha McDonald–Photographer Eric Ramos

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