This post is about you loving your body just the way you are and how men may affect a woman’s outlook on her body. Any time you begin to think negatively about your appearance, please remember that you are beautiful, and don’t you ever worry about men and how they “see” you. In an article by M.Farouk Radwan,  ( he states that men get easily attracted to women who are “hot”. If men are easily being pulled into the fantasy of someone who looks “hot,” then don’t judge yourself based on a chemical called testosterone. It is not up to men or women to set the standards of what is considered hot, attractive, or beautiful; Really, it is up to you to set your own standards, to do the things that make you feel gorgeous, seductive, healthy, and intelligent.
Many of us go throughout our day not speaking negativity about the shape of our thighs or the bigness of our noses, but that does not mean we do not think those kind of thoughts regularly. When we go shopping or when someone simply glances our way we can quickly feel insecure about ourselves. A big part of growing up, you spend most of your time feeling unsure about your body, and you start to compare yourself to other women who have completely different body types and have their own insecurities! In reality these feelings of anxiety or concern about your features happen at all ages. So, you should know that you are not alone, and it takes some time to change the way you view yourself.
What I want you to take away from this post today is that we all go through changes. Our bodies change. Our way of thinking changes. It’s completely normal. It’s part of growing and understanding who you are and who you want to become,

Love Evelyn

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Edited by Samantha McDonald

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