Pretty Is As Pretty Does

Have any of you ever heard the saying, “Pretty is as Pretty does?” Growing up, I was told this phrase quite often, and honestly, I had no clue what it meant! I remember thinking “is this a compliment or a warning?” It was not until I got older that I understood what the phrase meant. While many explanations to what the phrase means may be found with a simple Google search, in my understanding, “Pretty is as Pretty does” expresses that a woman is only as beautiful as her actions and not her outside beauty.
I truly believe that all of you reading this post are beautiful, strong, and unique. No matter what society says, you have the potential to build as much confidence as you wish, and to improve on your strengths and weaknesses. No one is perfect and we shouldn’t try to live up to other people’s standards, just our own. And I hope your standards are high because you deserve the very best. In the world we live in, there is a lot of pressure to meet society’s expectations– Not just in the way we look, but in our actions, as well. There is a fear that if we don’t act a certain way, or give enough of our time to do something “good,” we are not succeeding in life. A simple phrase like “pretty is as pretty does” does not determine whether or not you are a kindhearted person. If you have felt like you have been negative lately or you haven’t been spending enough time with people who give you positive vibes, there is always time to change that. What I ask of you is to always try to better yourself. Set your own expectations of what kind of person you want to be and surround yourself with people who share those same values as you. I know you are all meant for great things. The more good you surround yourself with, the more good you will give back.
Start creating the beauty you want to see in yourself.
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Love Evelyn
Edited by Samantha McDonald

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