What are our mirrors reflecting?

I am 95% sure all of you have at least one mirror in your home—most likely, many of you will have multiple mirrors in your home! Mirrors have come to play a big part of our lives, they are not as essential as needing food or shelter, but we still use them to a great extent. We use mirrors to check our appearances, not just to see if we look good, but to also see if we are healthy. We all hold a certain idea of who we are and how we look and in a past post, “Hide and Seek,” I wrote about reflecting on yourself and learning how to love everything about you on the inside and out! This post focused on working on the ability to look in a mirror and be able to define who you are without all the bombarding noise of others and the media. This time I want to explain to you something different regarding your self-image.

I know it’s hard to view yourself in a loving way, especially when the whole world sets such high standards for females around weight and features. It’s sad to think that young girls starting around the ages of seven start to view their bodies in a negative way (http://www.sirc.org/publik/mirror.html). As we get older it seems the way we view ourselves only gets worse. I find this notion a bit worrisome, because as society changes we find ourselves scrabbling to change with it. As our culture continues to improve, you may start to feel inferior to these “bigger and brighter” changes, but there is only one of you and nothing can ever outdate you! It is up to you to change the way you perceive yourself. A lot of this perception has to do with the way you see yourself when you look in the mirror. Do you see someone strong, loving, kind or confident? Or do you see the complete opposite?!  Watching your reflection allows you to open up to yourselves and not hide what we are truly feeling. Finding your self-confidence does not happen overnight. What might help you find your way is through having tunnel vision for positive influences. Keep goals and try your very best to accomplish them. Try to let go of certain magazines or other social media that illustrate women to achieve certain body images that contradict what you believe.

It’s a journey to become comfortable in your own skin and mind, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy it.

Love Evelyn

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Photographer Eric Ramos–Edited by Samantha McDonald

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