Plumberry Makeup Madness

This week’s post is going to be on the shorter side because I want the photos of Hillary Adkins and Karla Ruiz to scream out the point of today’s topic. It’s a no brainer that everyone is unique; No one person looks alike. As you can see they both look stunning, but, if you haven’t noticed, they both have the same exact makeup look! The reason for giving both girls the same makeup look is that I want to show all of you how everyone is different. So many of us spend so much time trying to look like other women that we forget we have features of our own that are beautiful. It’s great to admire other people’s style and incorporate similar aspects into our own styles, but we need to remember that all of our body types and facial features are different—we shouldn’t be afraid to show all of our unique angles!

This idea pertains a lot to how we view ourselves. Trying to look like someone else ends up hiding everything that is beautiful about you! We are not all meant to look alike and we shouldn’t try to fit into the shroud of sameness. Don’t allow yourself to feel insecure based on others because you are the person you are meant to be. Pay attention to your own details and have fun with your own style!

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Love Evelyn

Hillary’s and Karla’s Makeup

For this look we played with different shades of purples. For the eyes we applied a bold Plumberry color with a silky velvet lipstick to match.

I hope you enjoy practicing this look.

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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