Rolling Tide

When I start to write each week I have to allow myself to expand my mind. I know everybody has their own struggles and worries, and I find myself hoping that everyone is having a good day. I ask myself, “what can I write that will add value to the lives of those who read my posts?” Asking this question allows me to truly see people I may have never met, and helps me take away any judgements I may carry.

            I didn’t create Positively Confident for myself, I created it for all of you who are reading. I know life can be hard; most often, it may seem like the world will just not give you a break and there always seems to be a new obstacle. I’m sure for many of you there are moments where you feel you cannot recover from what you are going through. I am aware that there is so much suffering and pain in the world and I can’t physically be there to help all of you; All I can hope for is that what I write will give you the strength to keep going. For some of you, it might be difficult to apply what I am going to write next, but I want to encourage you to challenge yourself for the better. Allow yourself to roll with the tide. Don’t always try to control every situation. Sometimes you just have to let the tide take you where it needs you to go.

Stay strong and beautiful

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Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald–Photographer Eric Ramos

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