A Dash of Makeup

Posting these tutorials is always exciting! I create these looks in the hope that those who read my blog will feel encouraged to explore different ideas to incorporate into their style. It is liberating to express yourself any way you want with your style, whether you are trying new hairstyles or makeup looks. Throughout my blog, I often try to express the importance of feeling confident in your own skin—you only have one mind and body, and you should take care of it by doing the things that make you feel happy and free.

Hillary’s Makeup

FACE: First, we washed Hillary’s face with a foamy cleanser, then added a toner and moisturizer. We let her face dry completely before applying any makeup. Then, we applied Exact Fit Beauty Palm Perfecting Primer. Next, we applied Balancing Foundation: color Soleil (oil-free formula with SPF 20) all over her face. After Foundation we applied Concealer: color Tan on her nose, forehead, chin and under the eyes. To set the concealer and foundation we applied Exact Fit Perfecting Loose Powder: Medium all over her face to create a polished look. Next, we added Signature Color Blush: Fresh Coral and 3D Face Powder: Rose Diamond to highlight her cheeks.

EYES:  We used eyeshadow quad Signature Color: Smoky. This compact consist of blues and greys. Signature eyes Black Automatic Liquid Eyeliner, Signature color Black Length Mascara (applied on the outer lashes and lower lashes) and Signature Color Black Volume Mascara (cover all of lashes) were used to finish the eye look. For eyebrows-we used an Automatic Pencil: Brown.

LIPS: First, always apply chap stick! Then we applied a light pink colored lipstick: Signature Color Sheer Lipstick: Princess

Beauty lives inside all of you! Stay true to who you are.

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Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald-Photographer Eric Ramos

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