Smile until it Hurts

We don’t always recognize when we are not smiling but whenever someone makes us smile or laugh our faces and emotions don’t feel out of place. When I first heard about how great smiling is for our health and well being I thought, “how can we remember to smile all the time!” It just didn’t come naturally to me and it felt odd on my face. I found the more we change our perception about our lives and others we will be able to find better and greater reasons to smile throughout the day.

There will always be days when we are tired and frustrated and all we want to do is stay in bed and eat pizza! Unfortunately, that will not help any of the struggles that we may be facing. Even when we don’t feel like smiling it has great benefits for us and the people around us. In several articles I found that smiling can help us lower stress and release endorphins. Not only does it keep our body and brain happy but, the more we smile the more attractive we look to others!

There will be days where it is difficult to smile or cough up a laugh, but we need to remind ourselves that we deserve to feel happy. Plant a giant smile on your face and maybe you might remember that no matter how difficult life seems, it won’t last! Ultimately, it is a smiling attitude that will allow you to see the good in the world and the opportunities that we shouldn’t be afraid of taking.

Enjoy the good, the bad and the okay days of your life.

Love Evelyn

9 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Smile More



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