When we are overcome by emotions

Often we allow ourselves to drown in our sorrows. We feel our sadness, anger, frustration or hopelessness overcome any hope. We can become so blind to anything positive that we don’t even recognize what it feels like to be happy.

We think that the way we feel this instant must be the truth. That nothing will change the way we feel. It is final. There will be others to encourage us to view ourselves in a different way. Ultimately, it is up to us to challenge ourselves to find that happiness within. And if we are ever in a position where we are constantly struggling the good news is…there is hope all around! Simply by enjoying a nice conversation or reading a good book we can become alive inside. To be inspired to turn our mind of despair into a mind of hope and opportunity.

As mentioned in previous posts-Love is Innocent. The acts and thoughts of pure love do no harm. No matter which way we look at it. When we allow love and hope to enter our hearts and minds instantly the world will look different. Our own reflection will look beautiful, vibrant and clear. There is love all around us! Stop looking for it and invite it in. It’s a part of our lives to have our ups and downs. No one can avoid them. When we are having a low day embrace the feeling and then let it go. There is no need to hold onto it.

Be Happy!

Love Evelyn

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