Letting Go is important

Starting the day may be easy or difficult for others. Some of us take a long time to wake up and get ready, while others can spring out of bed and start their day. All of our schedules look different and we will all have obstacles and complications to face. Everyone has a place in this world and sometimes with so much noise we can lose our way.
For those who lost their way, starting the day may be more difficult. When our lives have no sense of direction we become consumed with wanting to fill our lives with anything. Sometimes it becomes so dire that we become harmful to ourselves and others. There is always something to learn from the people and the situations that come into our lives. We often put so much pressure on ourselves to get life right. There is no way to have a perfect life. A little advice: let go! There will always be choices to make and some of the choices may not always be easy.
You aim where you want to direct your life. Take a bow and arrow- when you aim, you pull back on the arrow and focus on your target. You know where you want the arrow to go, it is up to you to focus, aim, and release.
Ask yourselves before making a decision: will it launch you in the right direction?  If you are in a place where you see no hope or clarity, give yourself time. Like the arrow, you are being pulled back to be launched into something better.
You know what is best for you. All you have to do is aim and let go.
Love Evelyn

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