5 Millennial Challenges & ways to overcome them

 As a young adult I wish there where someone who could have told me how challenging it would be to build the kind of future you want. We should all enjoy the journey we are on, but that does not mean we aren’t going to come across any mental and emotional challenges along the way. Challenges that may impact you in a way you where not expecting. I hope what I share with you will encourage you to face any obstacle that stands in the way of what you want in life and have the courage to chase it wherever it may lead!

We all have different environments and situations that come our way. Ultimately it is up to each of us to make the right decisions that work for us and we won’t know if it was a bad one until after. I know many of us want to leave an impact in the world, whether it be with our families, friends or making a difference in our community. Every now and then we may get a great idea and one of the three things happen. One, you brush off the idea and continue living. Two, you think about it and then decide it will never work. Or three, you act on your idea and strive to make it happen no matter what circumstances come your way.

When most people make a decision, they start to plan and envision themselves in a year from now or even five years from now. They don’t think much about the different situations that will come their way and how to prepare for them.

Here, I have put together 5 challenges most young adults will face when trying to make their goals a reality and how to push through them.

1. You feel like you are running out of time.

Which is not true at all! If anything you are have more time than others. There is this constant feeling that you will not reach your goals “in time”. This causes unnecessary stress. With constant growth and dedication, you will reach your goals. Situations always come up and things will always go wrong, but it is all part of your process. When it is your time you will see you had enough of it to do everything.

2. You feel like everyone is doing better than you

This is where you put on your mental blinders. You need to focus on yourself and what it is you are doing. There will always be someone who knows more or does something better than you. Stay Focused.

3.  You keep looking back and thinking you could have done better 

Many of us are so hard on ourselves. We hold such high standards that we forget we are human. We need to be gentle with ourselves and continue to gain the habits that will help us improve.

4. You want to take some time for yourself but feel guilty for it

This is normal. Especially if you want to do great things; like becoming a musician, an entrepreneur, an actor, a great mother and so on. You feel like you cannot take a break. Which goes back to when you feel like you are running out of time. Taking personal breaks are actually good for your mental being. You are able to relax and rid yourself of any unnecessary stress.

5. Sometimes you don’t understand what you are doing wrong

Everyone has their own journey and often there will be obstacles. All you can do is continue to learn from your experiences, learn from any mentors or heroes and continue to gain information to grow into the person you want to be.

Whatever it is you want to do with your life, take control and do it. You have so much power within you, it’s just a matter of you taking that first step forward. Each and every one of you have something to offer the world and the world is patiently waiting for you.

Love Evelyn

Photographer Eric Ramos

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