Feeling Natural (Make-Up)


This tutorial is going to be different for two reasons. One, we have a new beautiful model, Karla Ruiz–who has partnered with Hillary and me. Two, for this particular makeup tutorial all we will need is our unique faces. This spring is a perfect time to show our natural beauty and our confidence. Let go of those brushes and lipsticks!

I know we have days when we stay at home and do not wear any makeup. But then at a moment’s notice, we realize we need to go buy groceries, clothes, or whatever else we may need. This tutorial will help us remove our 20 minute or more ritual and feel beautiful in the process.

As quick as 1-2-3, all we should do is confidently push our hair back, wash our faces, and walk out that door!

We often get accustomed to wearing makeup everywhere we go. Wearing makeup can boost confidence, but not wearing it does wonders for our self-esteem. By not wearing makeup we are telling ourselves that our faces are beautiful and there is no need to cover or change it.

A lot of us may have trouble not wearing makeup for a day, but you should believe in yourself to try. It is important for us to be to feel comfortable in our own skin and feel proud of how we look and feel. When we encourage each other to love our natural image, we will begin to radiate that love to other women.

Karla’s Face

Natural beauty and Hydra-V Cleansing

Love Evelyn


Editor: Joshua Cervantes 

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