Falling in love with yourself

 I haven’t been single for a long time. I do remember how it was to want to be in a relationship. The longing for a partner and give each other time and attention. Many people think it’s sad to stay single for such a long time and after a while you might even begin to wonder why you haven’t been able to stay in a relationship. But, being single is liberating. Especially in the modern day where more and more women are realizing their own potential.

To take the time to be on your own is a blessing in disguise. Many women right after a relationship feel the need to find another partner. This is normal, I see it all the time. The problem with that is, you don’t really begin to grow on your own. When you are in a relationship you are now influenced by your partner- it’s not just about you anymore. Being single gives you the opportunity to learn who you are as a person. When you are in a relationship it’s more difficult to grow into the individual you want to be (but not impossible). You are both still changing and growing into the people you are meant to be. People are not perfect; you will always be making mistakes and they don’t just affect yourself when you are in a relationship.

So, here are 4 Benefits of Being Single:

1.)   “You get to do what you want anytime of the day.”

When you are in a relationship you also have to plan your day around what your partner is  doing. Its about communicating with your partner

2.)   “You get to grow and learn more about yourself everyday.”

When you are single you get the opportunity to focus all your energy on yourself and figure out what makes you truly happy

3.)   “You learn how to be self-reliant.”

When you are in long-term relationships you often find yourself relying more and on your partner. It always starts small but then you find yourself completely dependent on your partner. Later if you become single, one or two things happen. You feel the need to acquire another partner or you feel completely lost being on your own. You don’t want to get to those points.

4.)   “All the money you earn goes to yourself.”

 Once you are in a relationship most of your time and money go to each other. Whether it’s buying gifts or going out on dates. When you are single, your money only goes towards you.

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