Love is Blind Makeup


Falling in love is easy. Boy loves girl and girl loves boy. The hard part is staying in love. Staying in love is not so simple. We are all complicated human beings and no matter how hard you may try you can never truly understand your partner. You are constantly changing and growing.  You might not be the same person you were three years ago, which is totally normal. You need to continue to learn and accept the people you love, especially your other half. Don’t turn the other way when your relationship gets hard. Take a deep breath and open your eyes to the person you love and care about. You should never stop trying to learn more about them.

With February being the month of love, I want to dedicate it with encouraging you all to open your hearts to your better half. Even if you are upset or frustrated with your partner, show them how much you appreciate them just for being the person they are.

Love Evelyn

Hillary’s Makeup

FACE: For the foundation we used Soleil 75 Balancing Foundation SPF 20. It is very important to use a foundation that has SPF or apply a light sunscreen before to protect your face from any harsh lighting or the sun. Next we applied Medium color Concealer for Hillary’s skin type. Make sure to find a color that is one shade lighter that your skin tone. You want to use your concealer to highlight parts of your face. Next we used a Contour Kit: Anastasia Beverly Hills. (JAVA: light brown/ HAVANA: Darker brown) to darken along the cheekbones and Jawline. For Hillary’s cheeks we applied Signature Color Blush: Fresh Coral and used Shimmer Loose Powder to highlight the face.

EYES: We used ELF and applied a light shimmery brown color for the base of the lid and also applied a light shimmery creamy/tan color to highlight under the brows. We wanted the look to be natural yet bold. When you look at Hillary’s eyes you see almost no color except the black eyeliner. For the eyeliner we used Signature Color: Black (I absolutely love this eyeliner, the texture is very smooth and creamy. It lasts me all day when I use it and it is very easy to apply). Next, we applied Signature Eyes: Length and Definition on the ends of the lashes and applied Signature Eyes: Volume Mascara over all the lashes. For Hillary’s Eyebrows we used Automatic Eyebrow Pencil: Brown.

LIPS: First apply some chap stick. Make sure to keep your lips moisturized. After we applied Lipstick: color Crimson for a finishing touch.

Photographer Eric Ramos

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