Love is Innocent

Many people come in and out of our lives and no matter who they are or where they came from they will leave a positive or negative impact. For whatever reason they where meant to come into our lives. Many of us think we are experts in love and we often try to counsel our family and friends whenever they are in a love crisis. We all try to relate to each other through stories and experiences.  The truth is we still have a lot to learn about love. If we all knew how to truly love someone there would be no such thing as jealousy, hatred or selfishness. Love is innocent and it does not discriminate, judge, or build boundaries between people.  All too often we allow the actions and mistakes of another define what love is.

People are not perfect and we will always be making mistakes. Love is meant to be unconditional and yet we have managed to make one of the few pure things in our world into something that has to be very difficult to earn. Love is meant to be welcomed into our hearts gracefully. Why are we basing love on other peoples actions? Why do we not base love on our own actions and thoughts instead? It all begins with us, with what we are offering the world.  As long as we continue to give our love freely, others will see that difference in us and react  in a positive and loving way.

Love Evelyn

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