Pursuing You

In the beginning of the year you all speak of the goals you have made and things you are going to accomplish with your lives. You start to make rapid changes that make you feel good for the moment, but all too soon you end up in failure! Not because you wanted to fail, but because you did not prepare yourselves properly! I know as a woman you want it all!!! And you can have it all…just not all right away. Each of your lives are journeys and they take time. Not only do you have to prepare and make sure you have the right tools, you also have to know your destination. You need to anticipate pit stops and detours along the way. Your lives are not made up of just one giant moment. Your lives are made of the moments that are special to you, the moments that change who you are.

Often you find that you get lost in pursuing goals, people, love, money, success, and so on. It’s important to also pursue yourself. I mean to give yourself the time and love to take care of you. Have you ever heard, in order to help others, you first need to help yourself. It is true, how can someone who is lost be able to help another. To pursue yourself means to allow room for growth. To fill your mind and heart with all the positive things the world has to offer. All to often you allow yourselves to fall victim to the negativity that goes on in the world. I have some good news; you are in control of what you allow into your soul. You are more than capable to drown out all the bad and invite only the good! Do yourself a favor and get to know yourself, because you are the most bright and interesting women there is and you have something wonderful to offer the world.

Don’t give up on yourself! Other people deserve to get to know the wonderful woman you are! Love yourself and you will truly see that the world loves you back.

Love Evelyn

Photographer Eric Ramos

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