Makeup Shades

This is the first Thursay of the Year! This year there are going to be so many different possibilities that we can take advantage of. Often they slip us by because we are too “busy” trying to figure out our life. I have nociced that many of us let precious time pass by as we try to find who we are and what we are meant to do in the world. We spend so much time looking into the distant that we don’t take the time to notice what is going on around us. Anyday is a great day to make positive changes in your life. You don’t need to wait for another New Year.

I want to encourage you to stop looking into the dim distant and start creating a life full of light all around you. You deserve to have a great life filled with love and adventure. Don’t deny yourself something that you can reach for. No one knows the future, so there will always be shadows you have to go through, but at least you will be moving forward instead of back.

Love Evelyn


I was inspired to do a dark look for this month. I know for myself I don’t always want to go out of my comfort zone and wear darker colors, out of fear that others will think I am wearing too much makeup. This look is not as dark as others’, but I really wanted to play with a shadowy look. This look can be both natural and dark depening what you wear it with and how your hair is styled.

 EYES: We used Signature Color Eye Shadow Quad: Spice Bronze. We used no eyeliner for this look and to finish it off we used both Signature Eyes Volume Mascara and Signature Eyes length and definition Mascara.

FACE: We first started with applying Exact Fit SPF 35 Beauty Palm Perfecting Primer. For this look we used no concealer, it was not intentional, but worked out well because the look became more natural. Next we applied Soleil 75 Balancing Foundation. We used Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit. We highlighted under the eyes, the forehead and nose. To add a smoother affect we applied Mineral Foundation (Medium). And to finish we used Signature Color Fresh Coral Blush and added Shimmer loose powder for highlighting the upper cheeks.

LIP: For the Lips we used Automatic Lip liner Pencil color Dusty Rose. And blended Princess 56 with the lip liner color.

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