Sparkles and Glue

I want to keep this short today. Many of us have extraordinary plans to finish the year with a grand finale. Tomorrow is a New Year and many people make promises. To all the promises you are making for the New Year, add another. Don’t be the kind of woman that makes promises and does not keep them!

What do you do to make glitter stick? Ask yourself this question every time you feel like quitting. The answer is – add glue! Without glue, glitter is just a mess and a hassle to clean up. The more glue you add the better glitter will stick and you would be creating a vibrant collage of sparkles.

Starting with New Year’s Resolutions are tricky. They seem so sparkly on the outside, but if they are not held together by something concrete then it’s just a giant mess. This applies to our lives just the same. We start to do something better to improve our lives, but end up doing more harm than good. Making goals for yourself is great. They challenge you and push you to grow into a better person. First, make small goals that you know you can keep. As you gain more confidence start to reach for the bigger goals you want to accomplish. Don’t try convincing yourself to make New Year’s resolutions that you cannot keep. Starting goals is great, but if you keep falling through your mind is expecting failure every time you try again. Discipline is hard to master, but without it we tend to fail. Take it one day at a time and allow room for yourself to grow.

Start the New Year strong and glamorous because you deserve all the good things that come with a New Year.

Love Evelyn

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