Sexy Secrets

Christmas Eve at last! In my opinion it the best day to celebrate, because you begin to feel the suspense of opening presents and you get to enjoy the warmth and love radiating from your family.

Today I want to share with you a tip about the color RED! Did you know any shade of red brightens up your appearance and allows you to look even more attractive. Red is such a bold color that is stands out anywhere. Whatever  you are doing this holiday season, I want you to STAND OUT! To radiate and shine with all your beauty. You can wear a red sparkled dress or even red lipstick. If you are planning on staying in you can never go wrong with red cozy socks.  Red is a bold and sensual color and every women should go on the daring side this Christmas and show everyone what they are made of. You can do this without wearing red, but I want to encourage you to try. This is about you growing into the kind of woman you want to be and that comes along with overcoming comfort zones. Don’t allow anyone to deny you of feeling beautiful and fierce everyday. It is easy for other people’s opinions to make you second guess yourself. Block all the negativity and buy yourself that red dress you wouldn’t normally wear and rock it! I know certain days it is hard to muster up some confidence and I have found the best cure is to go bold. If you don’t have anything, the most simple thing you can buy is sexy underwear! It will be your own little secret and it will help you feel strong, confident and very very sexy!

This year is almost over; don’t go into the new year with regrets. I want to encourage you to live life with a pinch of boldness, a hint of sexiness and a whole lot of confidence!

Love Evelyn

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