Giving the Best of You


With Thanksgiving next week, I thought I would focus on the act of giving. I don’t mean materialistically, but giving positive values like your time, energy, love, and patience. I used to feel like everyone in my life wanted something from me and I would stretch myself thin in order to make everyone else happy. I have seen this scenario happen to many of the wonderful women I have met, where it seems that someone always wants something from them.; whether it’s their loved ones, friends, work, the bank, school… the list goes on and on. Constantly giving, giving, and giving—before you know it you find yourselves feeling underappreciated! I know you are all powerful women, but you still can’t do it all! You still need to focus on yourself. This way you will be able to give back the best version of yourself. People will see this difference in you, as you take the time to work on yourself and be influenced by positivity.

When you give to others you will no longer feel drained emotionally or mentally, but filled with positive energy. Giving your time and energy to others is a valuable use of your time. You begin to see the changes in people’s lives when you take the time to give them a phone call or get a cup of tea together. It doesn’t need to take up a lot of your time— a simple smile or compliment can have a wonderful effect on a friend or stranger. Try to remember a moment when someone has given you something for nothing in return. How did it make you feel? Appreciated! Valued! From experience, seeing others smile has given me positive effects. Even though I gave something of value to another, I consequently gave myself something in return. By giving we get the chance to change our perspectives about others; moving our mentality into a more positive light we start creating a healthier mind and soul. Start with giving what you can, even the smallest of acts can make a difference. As you continue to give throughout your life this will help you change into a more compassionate woman. Giving reassures you that there is good all-around and allows you to appreciate every small and big act that comes your way.

Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald–Photographer Eric Ramos

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