Falling in Love Makeup


 This is Hillary Adkins. You will be seeing her face on here often. She is my model for the makeup tutorials and a beautiful friend! We decided to do a Fall look for this months makeup tutorial!! From all the photography and applying the makeup it was a fun day. This look would be great for a date on a crisp cold November night or to help boost your confidence when you go out. I love this look because it is natural. There is no large amount of contouring or thick amounts of concealer and foundation. Yet, we still got to play with a variety of colors to give Hillary a bold and beautiful look. Through her photos I want to show you that it is possible to look confident without much makeup. Also, remember confidence is a state of mind and we must allow ourselves to become in tune with who we are instead of resisting ourselves.

Make Up

Eyes:  We used eye primer to allow the color to pop and last longer. For an extra beautiful effect we added Ardell Glamour #105 False Lashes. To complete any look, don’t forget about the eyebrows: we applied Brown Automatic Eyebrow Pencil.

Face: We used Soleil Balancing Foundation and a Creamy Concealer, color medium. To set the makeup in and give her look a soft polished finish we blended Mineral Foundation, color medium. To finish off we used  Red Earth Blush.

Lip: To finish it off we used a Daring Red Lipstick to give the overall look a feeling of autumn and confidence.

Love Evelyn

Photographer Eric Ramos

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