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Believe it or not, my boyfriend actually inspired me to develop this blog. He helped me to realize how we limit ourselves. He showed me that we shouldn’t be ashamed of our power, minds, or beauty. We have gotten so used to people’s negativity that we have gotten used to being let down and take whatever is thrown at us. I want this blog to resonate to everyday people. We keep trying to copy people whom we will probably never meet. It just makes it very difficult to relate to someone who seems to have the “perfect” body, style, hair, and life. These standards are then the basis for which we judge each other. I don’t know about you but I get tired of being judged by a standard that has nothing to do with me. It makes me feel as if I am not living up to society’s rules. For years, I struggled with my self-esteem and I lived in a way where I was afraid to show my true strength, thoughts, and voice. I was tired of being labeled and I knew I didn’t want to be another standard. In a way, I got tired of following. I kept trying to change and fit-in. It just caused me to feel disconnected from myself and made me feel more of out of place. Positively Confident stands for all the people who have to let their voice free, for those who want to get out of their shell and take hold of their confidence! It is for any person who wants to make a difference within their life one step at a time.

Through the weekly posts, I share a bit of how I was able to overcome certain limitations and gain the confidence I wanted. I share how to build a more confident and positive lifestyle. I also write about how I overcame not only myself but the pressures of other people and their opinions of me.
Lastly, I share all this by incorporating fashion, makeup, travels and a healthy active life to showcase how these can be tools for gaining the kind of lifestyle you want. I just want you to take what you need. I don’t want you to feel bombarded by my ways, I want you to take what is helpful to you or even twist it in a way that fits you.

If you keep up with Pinterest and Instagram– and who am I kidding we all mostly do!!– you will see a lot of my daily activities, my travels, as well as fashion and makeup stories. Those are ways you can also follow and get in contact with me. I like to hear from all of you, so don’t hesitate to comment and message me. I truly want to communicate with you all.

Have a lovely day!